XIII Congreso de Psicología Ambiental-PSICAMB

Avances de la psicología ambiental ante la promoción de la salud, el bienestar y la calidad de vida

Granada, 23-26 Junio de 2015

Greetings from the president of the association

The Association of Environmental Psychology (PSICAMB) invites you to participate in the XIII Environmental Psychology Conference in Granada next June 2015.

For almost thirty years, many of us, researchers, have been meeting, every two years, to share works under the heading of our discipline. At first in “journeys”, and over time, in conferences. The twelve meetings we have held were produced thanks to the enthusiasm of a few, allowing the rest to meet and present their research. All of these efforts enabled, when the time came, to create our association, PSICAMB, which is currently organizing the XIII Conference.

In this way, we are trying to give a full account of one of the goals we set at the meeting held in Barcelona, home of the previous conference. This Conference does not deny the experiences of the past, but aims to reinforce the cohesion of those who are dedicated to this discipline, and intends to highlight the visibility of environmental psychology in the training of psychologists.

Since the beginning, Spanish and Portuguese scholars have participated as a single group in these meetings and in PSICAMB, and have always been accompanied by many Latin American colleagues. In addition, our 2013 Barcelona congress incorporated our French colleagues, thus successfully opening new and fruitful contacts between colleagues of the three countries. The XIII Environmental Psychology Conference is also open to any latitude, thus communications will be accepted in three languages: Spanish, Portuguese and English.

Finally, on behalf of the board of PSICAMB, let me  encourage  you to present your work so that we can all learn a little from each other, and build a "place" where we are able to renew and create bonds that promote further development of Environmental Psychology.

Juan Ignacio Aragonés Tapia

Greetings from the President of the Organizing Committee

Dear friends:

On this occasion, Granada has been chosen as the city hosting the XIII Environmental Psychology Conference - PSICAMB2015, which is a major challenge and also satisfaction for us. From the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Granada, Official Headquarters of the XIII Conference, we are working with the aim of providing a suitable environment for this important meeting. We have, ahead of us, a year of hard work, as the colleagues who have organized past editions of the same event know; we thank them for their help in showing us the way to follow. At this point, everyone in the Organizing Committee is working on the “housekeeping” in order to give the best possible welcome to our colleagues. Moreover, we are pleased to have the conference take place in the incomparable city of Granada, which we are sure you will enjoy during the days of the conference.

See you in Granada in June 2015!

Maria del Carmen Aguilar Luzón