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Hotel Availability
Parador Hotel (4*) Disponibilidad baja ( 1.00)
Senator Cadiz Spa Hotel (4*) On request
Hotel de Francia y Paris (3*) On request
Hotel Bahia Sur (3*) On request

Parador Hotel * * * *

Avda. Duque de Nájera, 9 - 11002 - Cádiz, Spain

Parador Hotel
Parador Hotel

Parador Hotel is the congress venue for The 19th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics.

Parador Hotel Bed & Breakfast
Double Room 175.00€
Single Room 140.00€
VAT Included

Senator Cadiz Spa Hotel * * * *

Rubio y Díaz, 1 - 11004 - Cádiz, Spain

Senator Cadiz Spa Hotel
Senator Cadiz Spa Hotel

Senator Cádiz Spa Hotel is a 4-star hotel set in a restored old palatial home equipped with all modern commodities. Located in the old town of Cádiz, the hotel has a fantastic location, just 5 minutes from the city train and bus station.

Senator Cadiz Spa Hotel Accommodation Only
Standard Rate Double Room 120.00€
Standard Rate Single Room 108.00€
VAT Included

Hotel de Francia y Paris * * *

Plaza de San Francisco, 6 - 11004- Cádiz, Spain

Hotel de Francia y Paris
Hotel de Francia y Paris

This Neoclassical hotel, built in the 20th century, offers the perfect mix of comfort, professionalism and tradition. With over 100 years of history, the accommodation has been a meeting point of cultural and political personalities.

Hotel de Francia y Paris Accommodation Only Bed & Breakfast
Double Room 70.00€ 94.00€
Single Room 64.00€ 72.00€
VAT Included

Hotel Bahia Sur * * *

Unibail Bahia Sur, Calle Caño Herrera, s/n, 11100 San Fernando, Cádiz

Hotel Bahia Sur
Hotel Bahia Sur

The Hotel Bahia Sur is located in the centre of the sparkling Bay of Cadiz, San Fernando. It is strategically situated in the heart of the shopping centre and only a few minutes away from the Train Station.

Hotel Bahia Sur Accommodation Only
Single Room 60.00€
VAT Included